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Sample Post from the Horror Genre this Month:

Post Author at Pan HistoriaLiana Hicks posts in Alien - Hive

The shuttle dipped and lurched as RJ took manual control and tried to avoid hitting anything. I yelled instructions from the navicom realizing almost immediately that trying to plot a safe path through the debris would be impossible, there was just too much of it. The data showed it stretched over a wide area but our lack of fuel precluded going around, which left us only one option.

"We need to slow down"

"Check!" RJ adjusted speed, the craft swerving as he did and barely missing a large metal sheet. Something glanced off the bow and we were momentarily knocked from our trajectory. He struggled to keep it steady, "Hicks, find me somewhere to land, we need a surface that's protected, big enough to absorb any impact"

"On it" I scanned the data while RJ concentrated on keeping us in one piece, "OK, got something, huge piece of debris, big enough to hide inside"

"Feed me the location" He tapped buttons without taking his eyes off the screen as I complied, only taking his eyes off the display for seconds as he read the information, "OK, that works"

A red light flashed on my console, "We've got a leak in section 3"

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